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Meteorite and Mineral shows



In 2009 I've visited the International Meteorite Show in Ensisheim - France the first time.


Since then I was almost every year a regular visitor and member of the Spacejewels Switzerland team at their booth.

Ensisheim it "the show" in Europe when it comes to Meteorites and Tektites. Only those stones are allowed to show, trade and sell. No minerals, no fossils.

Ensisheim is a must to attend show if you are a meteorite collector or dealer. Many of my stones from the collection or for sale were purchased in Ensisheim from trustworthy sellers.

Next to Ensisheim I've attended the yearly Mineral Show in Berne - Switzerland. On my booth I've offered Meteorites, Libyan Desert Glass, Minerals, Pseudomorphs and more.

I highly recommend to visit the Ensisheim Meteorite show in June, the Munich Mineral show in November and also the amazing St. Marie-aux-Mines Mineral Show (June always the weekend after Ensisheim).

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The Ensisheim Meteorite Show is an annual meteorite event held in the beautiful French Town of Ensisheim.

It's kind of a family reunion of meteorite enthusiast from all over the world. People you may know from Facebook or as buyers are getting together once a year in the Palais de la Régence to celebrate "meteorites" and all was is related. It's great to meet all those folks personally and spend a great time together.

For three days each year in June the little town of Ensisheim in Alsace becomes the Universe for Meteorites.

It's always a huge party to meet old and new friends, enjoy the amazing show, chat and not to forget enjoy the amazing food, the wine, the beer and the booze ... I've enjoyed there some "serious" parties and will be back when ever possible.


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Always in November the Regional Mineral Show takes place at the BEA expo center in Berne.


Since 2014 I'm attending the show offer Meteorites, Libyan Desert Glass and much more.


I've enjoyed the show each year. It's always a great opportunity to bring Meteorites and other stones closer to people. It's fun to talk to potentially customers and explain about Meteorites, Desert Glass and other stones I've offered at the show.


It's also great to educate kids about Meteorites and Minerals. Specially when they show up with their last two Francs in hand, asking what they've get for 2 bucks :-). They always received a Nummulite or another small NWA xxx meteorite for free.

Meanwhile I'm living in Jakarta and can't attend the show in the coming years anymore. Will miss it. Here some impressions.


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