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PRASE OPAL - CHRYSOPRASE Necklace - stone from Magure - Goles mine in Kosovo - very rare natural opal

I had the opportunity to get some of those rare gem stones recently. They are coming directly from Kosovo. Supply is very limited because the mine is closed meanwhile. I have a few medium to small rough specimens.


Some of them were cut and polished here in Jakarta to wonderful and very unique Necklaces.


Chain synthetic material (looks like leather).

WEIGHT: 36 carats - 7.2 g


SIZE: See scale cube 1 cm (not included) - Actual size - 3.5 cm x 1.2 cm x 1.1 cm


Buy with confidence! I’m IMCA member (International meteorite collectors association) Member no. 8629 -


I ship the business day after your purchase with EMS Post Indonesia (Tracking). About shipping time please refer to