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White Desert Egypt

The White Desert in Egypt was formed by centuries of erosion and sandstorms. These unique calcium rock formations crop up across the landscape like magical and abstract statues. Some have been given names as "mushroom" or "ice cone". It's an amazing landscape, created by nature over millions of years. The White Desert is located close to the most remote oasis in Egypt, Farafra.


Farafra has approximately 7,000 inhabitants mainly living in the town of Farafra and is mostly inhabited by the local Bedouins. Parts of the town have complete quarters of traditional architecture, simple, smooth and in mud colour.  Also located near Farafra are the hot springs at Bir Sitta and the El-Mufid lake.


A main attraction of Farafra is the White Desert. The White Desert is a National Park in Egypt and is located north of the oasis. The desert centerpieces are the calk rocks, colored from snow-white to cream color. It has massive rock formations that are text-book examples of ventifact and which have been created as a result of occasional sandstorms in the area. 

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White Desert Egypt

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