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Scale Cubes


Scale cubes were first used by the NASA during the Apollo missions. To find out more about scale cubes visit Google and look for "Apollo scale cubes". The cubes are made out of aluminum or brass.

Each 1 cm (about 3/8-inch) cube is made from aluminum or brass. Each side is labelled N, S, E, and W (for North, South, East, and West), as well as T and B (for top and bottom) or numbered from 1 to 6.


These cubes are valuable when taking photographs of small objects. They provide a clear one-cm cube for scale and may be also used to show the orientation of an object. The pictures shows the cubes alongside a large piece of a NWA unclassified meteorite (the meteorite is not included, it is only used as a showcase). 



Please contact me about the color you like to purchase. Available are:

Purple: 2 

Red: 1 

Blue: 2

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