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Trepca Mine Visit 2012 - 18.jpeg

Trepca Mine

Mitrovica - Kosovo


In 2012 I had the opportunity to visit the mine together with some friends. Here the pictures. Soon after our trip the Museum for Trepca Minerals was open. Below some more pictures of this event.

The Trepca mining complex is located in northern Kosovo, near the town of Mitrovica.


The Trepca mine offers world exceptional specimens of various minerals next to the main deposits of lignite, lead, zinc, non-ferric metals, gold and silver. During the 1980s, it employed up to 20'000 workers.  Today "only" about 1500 miners are still working in the Stari Trg Trepca mine.


They now reached the 12th level below surface (about 800m deep) approximately just 100 m above sea level and continue to discover new and amazing minerals.

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